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        Fast shutter doors insulation effect
        admin  2012-7-23 13:45:02
        In fact, many doors use For example, the door can be used to avoid arousing suspicion can be used to wind insulation can be used, but also very necessary to choose a good fast door, in fact, has good insulation shutter doors, and also be able to play in the cold winterthe role and value of the cold. Installation is quick door especially used in roadside merchants relatively large volumes beams are the chances, in fact, the insulation properties of the shutter doors can be significant savings in refrigeration, heating energy, play an important role and value in a certain range, the main advantage of the shutter doors:
        While modern technology has brought multi-layer glass and expensive window frame structure as well as seam sealing process, but as the weak point of the building insulation, thermal conductivity (k value) rarely lower than 2W/m2K, and a good insulation the external walls, thermal conductivity only about 0.5W/m2K of, that is to say, the heat loss through an insulation glass windows is almost seven times that of the external walls. electric shutter doors in a window or in front of a properly installed to make the heat loss through the window dropped more than 40% in order to maximize insulation performance, roller shutters shall be installed outside the window in the same time to ensure that leave the air layer between the glass windows and roller shutters. shutter doors insulation in order to obtain the desired effect, need to pay attention to the following points:
        1 shutter panels closed airtight;
        2 rail at airtight;
        3, the guide rail and the wall binding tightness;
        4, shutter boards with roller shutter casings contact partially closed;
        5, the shutter window seat bar with bay windows closed;
        6, the adiabatic performance of the shutter enclosure.
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