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        Often peak fast door Note
        admin  2012-7-20 9:39:55

        Correct use of speed doors with proper maintenance, helps extend the life of the fast gate (product installed by our technical staff will be set according to the size of the door, the most reasonable landing speed, the customer generally do not need to adjust,Be sure tampered with). Customers to be set according to the actual needs of the fast door opening and closing speed, otherwise it will cause unnecessary energy waste and friction losses of the transmission components. Satisfied by requiring that, as far as possible to reduce the speed of the fast gate, especially the larger door. Help protect the inverter longer service life.

        Ply sub-section replacement advantages, low maintenance costs, replacement fast.

        Often peaks door industry fast shutter doors, there are a variety of import configuration control system, the domestic configuration control system provides, in order to meet the requirements of the actual use of the different groups of customers. They meet the fast shutter doors to regulate the operation, I believe you fast door to its superior performance and role play.


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