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        Fujian released electric rolling door machine standard industry to fill the gaps
        admin  2012-7-10 16:27:40
        June, Fujian Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, Kirin electronic Co., Ltd. led the preparation of local standards "electric rolling door machine" (DB35/T1111-2011) officially promulgated. The standard for the first time to develop to fill the blank of electric rolling door machine industry standards. The formulation of the standard will help to change the situation of the electric rolling door machine market of varying quality, promote industrial upgrading of the electric shutter doors.
        Professionals within the industry associations predict, three years after the Zhangzhou annual electric windows products will increase to 10 million units (sets), increase the output value of 4.8 billion yuan, including the taxation of the supply chain, the year-on-year increase in profits and taxes of 1.02 billion yuan, increasing employment 10 million people.

        Electric windows and doors industry Zhangzhou City, is expected to become an important pillar industry.
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