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        Solution often peak fast door encountered failure
        admin  2012-7-9 16:46:35
        Often peak fast door motor does not start the investigation,
        Often the peak motor speed doors fixed the problem, after our experience summed up the following question:
        1, the wire breakage Find switched wire.
        2, run capacitor damaged single-phase roller shutter door machine. "Replace operation capacitance.
        Bridge rectifier bad or bad solenoid coil, brake stuck. To replace the bridge rectifier or an electromagnetic coil.
        Limit switch normally closed contact barrier. Polished contacts or replacement of the limit switch.
        5, the relay coil bad or oxidation contamination. Relay replacement or grinding contact.
        6, overheating protection failure. Replace overheating protection.
        7, brake stick. Hand chain pull to turn a few.
        8, the continuous running time is too long, the thermal protection is disconnected. Motor temperature drops to.
        Fast door brake slip where the problem is
        1, fast door piece brake-friction brake oil. Cleaning with gasoline.
        , The fast door pull chain pull fixed
        An endless chain to block the cross slot. Rationalize the chain.
        Electromagnet fasteners loose. Re-tighten.
        Fast door weight the whereabouts of failure is how it
        1 the fast door manual lever deformation. Replace manually Rod.
        Manual trolley and washer clearance. Reducing the gap.
        3, the gearbox motor lubrication failure. Replace the grease.
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