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        The Chang Feng Doors workshop partition
        admin  2012-6-28 8:37:20
        Product description:
        Crystal soft board is a high-quality plastic composite material, smooth surface, bright and transparent, the cracks no bubbles, uniform color, with heat, cold one 30
        Degrees, strong acid and alkali resistant, resistant to pressure, anti-static, impact resistance, tensile strength, anti-aging, good light transmission, long life and other characteristics, widely used in electronic,
        Chemical and pharmaceutical, food factories, garment factories, the working platform, the surface of the machine and a variety of office desktop.
        Color: colorless, transparent, light green, orange
        Style: Flat
        Crystal soft board specifications: 1200mm (W). 0.5-5mm (n) 15-50m / volume
        1700mm (W). 2-6mm (n) 25m / roll
        Bracket: square steel (electrostatic spraying Process)
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