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        Explosion rolling door CF500
        Explosion rolling door CF500

        Anti-explosion rolling door CF500

        l        Application

        It is suitable for chemical industrial zone, military construction and other inflammable or explosive inside the building. Changfeng 500 explosion-proof high speed gate is often used in chemical industrial zone, military construction and other inflammable and explosive inside the building, installed in the high safety performance or explosion-proof requirements of the construction of import and export.

        Installation space reservation: (unit, mm)

        Right side: 200          Left side (motor):700

        Front side600          Top side 650

        Note: motor installation of left or right side is available

        Main parts: explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof box, explosion-proof button

        Curtain material: import industrial polyurethane fiber base cloth. Thickness is 0.8mm/1.5mm. Can choose a variety of color

        Wind rod: Sectional article card, convenient change, reduce maintenance cost

        Transparent Windows: Import PVC super transparent soft plate. Shape you can be order

        Wind resistance15-20m/s

        l        Air seal

        Dust-free, high reliability, easy to clean, CMP (Communications plenum cable) qualified. Heat preservation, dustproof, reduction of noise, isolation smell, etc

        l        High opening and closing speed

        Suitable for large size opening, strong wind resistance about 90kg/ specially good for outdoor application, belt pulling structure-fold and stack up of door curtain when open. High utilization rate: up to 1500 cycle per day. Minimum control speed: 1m/s-1.5 m/s. It is and essential factor to lower the risk of door being hit by fork lift and to achieve energy saving.

        l        Safety

        All of Changfeng doors are equipped with infra-red photoelectric senor and safety bottom beam, when the bottom beam is hit or the photoelectric sensor is activated during the door is closing, it will reverse. All the Changfeng doors meet the European safety standard.

        l        High reliability

        Simply structure, solid and durable, door can be manually open when electric power is cut off.



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