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        Aluminum rapid roll door CF 3000
        Aluminum rapid roll door CF 3000 Aluminum rapid roll door CF 3000

        Aluminum rapid roll door CF 3000


        l        Characteristics

        The Disc Winding technology prevents metal to metal contact as the door stats wind on to the top roll. This reduces excessive wear, vibration and noise in high cycle door operations.

        Lower maintenance cost. The CF3000 has fewer moving parts than other high speed rolling door. No hinges, wheels or rollers that can be expensive to replace. Fast opening and closing speed, save on utility costs by reducing loss of heating and cooling energy within temperature controlled environments. Contactless safety edge detects and objects in the door path and reverse the door before the bottom edge can make contact with equipment, vehicles or personal.

        l        Design

        Unique disc modules built into the top header wind the slats of the door panel onto the roll without the slats making contact with each other. The result is less wear on the door panel and operating components.

        l        Door curtain

        The door panel consists of anodized aluminum slats mounted individually without hinge connections or roller.

        Flexible rubber providers a tight weather seal between each slat and helps the door panel minimize lasting damage in the event of an accidental impact.

        Aluminum slats enhance wind resistance.

        Individual door slats can be quickly and easily replaced if they become damaged.

        l        Side frame

        The side frame is paint 11 high-quality galvanized sheets with bolt on covers providing and attractive appearance to protect the door counterbalance and tensioning system.

        l        Control system

        High performance controller with user-friendly control panel; adjustable opening and closing speed.

        l        Drives

        Maximum 1.5-3.0m/s, the speed can be adjusted.

        l        Safety performance

        Springs for counter balance system and infra-red photoelectric sensor are inside the side frame.

        l        Manual open

        Incase power fails, the door can be manually open by release the motor brake handle.

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